Lamination films

These films are used for creating complex laminated structures together with other materials such as PET, OPP, PA, PE, PVC, and they are used for the production of packagings mostly for the food industry (meat products, fish products, frozen foods, loose products, hygienic products). Our products consist of 3 or 5 layers.

Technical parameters

Barrier films

We produce multi-layer barrier films in the PE/PA/PE or PE/EVOH/PE structures that are mostly used for packing food products.

Technical parameters

Films for COC labels

We provide you PE films that are characterized by exceptional optical and mechanical properties that cannot be achieved with the use of standard formulas based on standard LDPE/LLDPE raw materials. Our offer of COC films used for lamination and the production of labels is targeted at clients who would like to offer the highest quality on the market to their recipients.


Multi-layer film for COC lamination manufactured with the use of mixtures of polyethylenes and polyolefin copolymers subjected to the machine orientation process (MDO).

The product has much better optical and mechanical characteristics as compared to other lamination films available on the market.

Technical parameters


Multi-layer film based on mixtures of polyethylene and polyolefin copolymers subjected to the machine orientation process (MDO). Thanks to excellent stiffness, high transparency and gloss, the product is recommended as a material for the production of bottle labels - replacing PVC film.

Technical parameters

Packagings for bread packing

Packagings for bread packing

Our company manufactures products for packing bread both fresh and frozen: both in the form of FFS film, simple bottom weld bags and wicket bags. Products intended for the food industry made at our company undergo strict quality control at the plant laboratory. Our films are manufactured in modern industrial halls that meet the highest hygienic standards confirmed by the BRC IoP certificate in assessment A.

Technical parameters for FFS films

Technical parameters for bottom weld bags

Types and parameters of wicket bags

Types of wicket bags

Packages intended for packaging of fruits and vegetables

Packages intended for packaging of fruits and vegetables

Biozeol film – innovative packaging made of polyethylene film with multicolour overprint, with excellent technical and utility parameters, allowing to extend the freshness period of fruit by 6 days, compared to materials currently used. Mineral substances contained in the packaging inhibit the ageing process of fruits and vegetables.

Produced films:

  • Width 200 mm – 2000 mm
  • Thickness 20 µm – 150 µm

Technical parameters for FFS packaging made of Biozeol film

Technical parameters for bottom-welded bags

Technical parameters for wicket bags

MDO films

MDO (MACHINE DIRECTION ORIENTATION) is a process involving one-axis stretching of extruded film in the machine direction. This action orders polymer chains, thus giving the film parameters that cannot be achieve by non-oriented films:

  • higher stiffness
  • higher transparency
  • higher strength
  • lower vapour and gas permeability
  • higher susceptibility to deep extrusion

Thanks to their properties, MDO films allow for using much thinner films than before, which results in lower consumption of materials and savings for our clients.

Technical parameters