We produce a broad range of hoods, both heat-shrink ones from original raw materials and also regranulate covers. Our hoods perfectly protect your goods from the weather, dirt and will keep the packed product safely on the pallet. We use a broad range of additives, e.g. the addition of UV, which allows for storing goods outside.

Technical parameters

Options for the selected films

Sheets / spacers

We produce sheets and spacers for protective purposes. We also make them for the food industry from top quality materials with the necessary certificates concerning contact with food.

Regranulate sheets are used as protection from weather factors, dirt, dust and water.

Technical parameters

Shrinking and packaging tapes

We manufacture various types of tapes from LDPE, MDPE and HDPE. This product is present in all parts of the economy. Our tapes are used for packing:

  • Styrofoam,
  • stone and glass wool,
  • roof tiles, tar paper,
  • personal hygiene articles,
  • mineral water and beverages,
  • furniture,
  • foods, frozen foods,
  • press,
  • loose products, such as sand, road salt,
  • peat, bark, fertilizer,
  • dog food,
  • and everywhere where the quality and stability of the packaging materials are needed.

Technical parameters

Film for packing furniture

Furniture, and especially upholstered furniture, is exposed to various types of dirt. Tapes and semi-sleeves as well as ready-to-use bags protect furniture during transport and storage. 

What is important, we can produce packaging using the three-layer COEX technology. This allows for keeping film resistance parameters with lower thickness, thus reducing the packing costs.

Technical parameters

Yacht films

For 15 years, we have been one of leading manufacturers of shrink films for yacht packing. Our long-term experience has allowed us to develop a high quality product. Excellent shrinking parameters, elasticity of our film and resistance to UV radiation are qualities thanks to which this film can be also used for packing other large-size objects.

Technical parameters

Oriented MDO films

MDO (MACHINE DIRECTION ORIENTATION) is a process involving one-axis stretching of extruded film in the machine direction. This action orders polymer chains, thus giving the film parameters that cannot be achieve by non-oriented films:

  • higher stiffness,
  • higher transparency,
  • higher strength,
  • lower vapour and gas permeability,
  • higher susceptibility to deep extrusion.

Thanks to their properties, MDO films allow for using much thinner films than before, which results in lower consumption of materials and savings for our clients.

MDO films that we produce are great for packing mineral wool, both single rolls and collective packagings (Multi-Pack System). Thanks to film orientation during the extrusion process, it becomes less susceptible to stretching, which is quite important for such packagings.

MDO films are offered with various types of specifications, in various colours and with 8-colour prints.

Technical parameters

HDPE film

The HDPE film is used for the production of favourite plastic bags and pouches. 

8-10 micron thick films are used in the building industry as spacer layers in the production of tar paper, shingles etc.

Technical parameters

Bags / wicket bags