Y Type

Hood – with a side weld – packagings are characterized with excellent shrinking parameters. Its advantage includes small vertical shrinkage of the film, so it does not have the tendency to uncover the base of the pallet (as opposed to standard hoods). The hood fulfils insulating functions and also additionally stabilizes the product on the pallet.

High aesthetics is an additional advantage of this packaging. After heating, e.g. with a burner, the film creates a perfect cube with a characteristic Y-shaped side weld, prints and appropriate colours allows for obtaining an excellent effect, thanks to minimal deformations.

One of positive features is also the possibility of using film with a lower thickness as compared to the standard hood, which positively influences the reduction of unit costs (if there is a large number of ordered hoods, this is quite important).

Such hoods have a broad application in the packing process.

They are most often used in the construction industry (e.g. the production of mortars and adhesives, cement, bricks and blocks).

Technical parameters

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Heat shrink hood - standard cut type

Hoods with a top weld, from hoods with tabs and also without tabs. They are characterized by good shrinking parameters, just like Y-type hoods are great for packing standard pallets. Due to its structure, they are excellent for securing non-standard high loads. They are also used as inserts for Big Bag packagings and for tanks for brine.

With print, they make it possible to additionally display the packaged product.

Technical parameters

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Options for the selected filmsOptions for the selected films

Heat shrink hood - standard type on a roll, perforated for easy tearing off

Hoods on a roll produced in the perforation - weld - perforation technology are made of sleeves, semi-sleeves with or without tabs. They are very practical when used with a stand as a lot of sizes of hoods can be placed at one location. This definitely reduces the time and surface needed for the packing process. They are often used in the food industry as they reduce the risk of film soiling in contact with the surrounding area.

Thanks to the modern machinery stock, we guarantee the production of hoods characterized by high quality and have a very good utility value.

Technical parameters

Heat-shrink sleeves for packing machines

Sleeves are used for protecting goods against various factors such as moisture or dust.

Additionally, they improve the protection of goods during storage and transport.

Thanks to our experience in the production of this kind of products, we can fully adapt them to the recipient’s individual needs. Due to our clients’ growing demands, we use the mono technology or, in the majority of cases, the multilayer technology - due to the use of various raw material configurations, which largely ensures their hassle-free use on packing machines.

We offer sleeves on Ø 76 and Ø 152 tubes.

These products are broadly used mostly in the building industry, food industry and in glassworks.

Films are available with or without flexographic prints.

Parametry techniczne

Stretch Hood

The stretch hood film is a technologically advanced product that requires a modern machinery stock and considerable knowledge concerning the use of plastics and processing technologies. In this case, the pallet packaging process takes place without the participation of hot air - the film is cold stretched over the product.

Stretch hoods are mostly used by companies such as cement plants, glassworks and the sectors of construction chemicals, artificial fertilizers and construction ceramics. Due to the reduced packing time as well as reduction of the unit packaging weight, this packing method is becoming more and more popular.

The stretch hood film is manufactured in the form of sleeves with tabs. The sleeve can be made with or without the flexographic print up to 6 colours.

Long-term experience in the production of this type of film allows us to introduce changes in the formula and to adapt the quality to the clients’ requirements and needs.

A new solution that has recently introduced onto the Polish market is film with an adhesive additive that allows for protecting both the film and the bags on pallets from UV radiation. Film with the same parameters is used, amongst other things, by manufacturers of artificial fertilizers.

Our offer includes narrow SH sleeves with a perimeter of 2000 mm, but also SH films for packing large pallets with a perimeter of up to 7000 mm.

Advantages of packing in stretch hood film:

  • energy saving - no additional heating of film to shrink it,
  • lower costs of unit packaging as compared to hoods or heat-shrink sleeves,
  • higher stability of the product on the pallet,
  • better protection of the product under the influence of weather factors.

Technical parameters

Big Bag inserts

Big Bag inserts

Container Big Bags are used, amongst other things, for packing loose high-capacity goods. They are produced in various sizes and from various types of materials (LDPE/HDPE regranulate), depending on clients’ requirements and needs.

Big Bag inserts find broad applications in the food industry, the fertilizer industry etc.

Technical parameters

Styrofoam and mineral wool films

Styrofoam and mineral wool films

Our films for Styrofoam and mineral wool packing, 20 to 60 micron thick are manufactured using the single-layer or multilayer technology. Tapes, depending on the client’s requirements, can be highly transparent or be moulded in colour.

The film may contain additions that improve its properties, including the stabilizer, which causes higher resistance to UV radiation.

Tapes are offered with flexographic print up to 8 colours and paints; the ones we use are resistant to light and ensure high durability of prints.

Technical parameters

Construction films - protective - water insulation

We produce insulation films (from original and processed materials) that are intended for:

  • protecting thermal insulation of floors and other construction partitions,
  • temporary protection of roof surfaces,
  • protection of water protection surfaces from tar paper and bituminous masses,
  • moisture insulation of underground parts of structures,
  • waterproof insulation in the building of construction partitions.

Technical parameters

For packing beverages

For packing beverages

Film in the form of heat-shrink tape is used for packing beverages in glass or PET bottles using packing machines.

On the basis of tested and modern formulas, we manufacture tapes with excellent mechanical parameters.

Long-term experience in film manufacturing allows for the possibility of free modification of the film composition to increase its strength, heat shrinkage and transparency.

A separate quality control unit and the related systematic tests performed at our laboratory not only allow us to keep high quality of the product but also gain knowledge, which allows for the successive introduction of new solutions to continuously improve the product.

We offer photographic prints on all our films up to 8 colours.

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Biodegradable films

We manufacture films in the form of tapes, sleeves and semi-sleeves.

Films made of biodegradable polymers that contain an addition that accelerates the degradation of plastics. It should be emphasized that the use of these products in horticulture and in the production of bin liners, shopping bags and body bags, which, as a result, reduces the pollution of the natural environment.

Films that we manufacture can be colourless or moulded in colour.

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