Polish producer of foil packaging.

Our films protect frozen foods, mortars and yachts. They extend the freshness of bread, improve the light conditions of plants and facilitate the transport of roof tiles.

Our capabilities:

We produce a wide range of films – from ordinary heat-shrinkable films, through heat-shrinkable hoods and stretch hoods, to advanced technical films.
The quality of products is supervised by our laboratory, and production takes place on a dozen modern production lines based on the latest material technologies.
We produce foils, print, cut and pack. We also deliver orders using our own transport. We provide an efficient after-sales service.

Your benefits:

We will produce foil packages ideally suited to your needs and product specifics. Tell us what packaging you need and we will produce it.
Our films will adapt to the speed of your packaging lines, achieving higher efficiencies, minimizing material waste and the number of production interruptions.
We will take care of your needs also after the sale. Our specialists support clients in Poland and Europe. You can always count on us.


We conduct research in our own laboratory, we constantly invest in modern machinery and technologies that our products meet even the most stringent requirements. Films with an additive protecting against UV rays or food films that inhibit the growth of fungi and molds are just examples of innovative products from our offer. We have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 management system and the food safety standard in the production of PE BRC IoP packaging.


We operate in the spirit of CSR – socially responsible business. We support the local community and we engage in local initiatives. We select production raw materials so that reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Our offer includes, among others biodegradable films with an additive accelerating the decomposition of plastics. Of the 36,000 tonnes of packaging produced annually, as much as 5,500 tonnes are recycled. And this share is growing.


Man is the most important link in our organization. In the years 1999-2012 we had the status of a sheltered employment enterprise. We are a reliable and stable company. We care about the safety of our employees, we offer transparent employment conditions and enable the improvement of qualifications. We are an example of a successful local enterprise family company with an international reach.


Man does not live by work alone! We are involved in the life of the local community. We have been organizing events, charity campaigns and sports events for years. We sponsor the Folplast Tęcza handball team and the longest road duathlon in Poland – Duathlon Czempiń. By working with us, you will gain many opportunities to integrate with your work colleagues and spend time with your family in an active way.

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