Films for mulching and planting

Mulching film is produced using the three-layer technology. It is a black and white film, and its task involves improvement of thermal conditions of the substrate. The task of the white layer is the improvement of lighting conditions for plants, while the black layer eliminates the growth of weeds and algae. This film is characterized by high mechanical strength, and it is resistant to UV radiation.

Owing to the use of high-diameter perforators, we manufacture films for strawberry, cucumber and lettuce planting.

Technical parameters

szerokość do 2800 mm.
Grubość od 0,025 do 0,200 mm
Rękaw (rozcięty)
szerokość do 2800 mm, (po rozłożeniu do 5600 mm),
grubość od 0,025 mm do 0,100 mm
Rękaw (rozcięty) z zakładkami
maksymalny obwód do 7000 mm,
grubość od 0,025 mm do 0,200 mm
Możliwość wykonania perforacji igiełkowej i otworowej.

Tape for packing substrates for mushroom production

At present, mushroom manufacturers prepare substrates for themselves less and less often. The use of ready-to-use products has become much more popular. FOLPLAST has been cooperating with leading mushroom substrate manufacturers by providing film with high quality parameters used for packing ready-to-use blocks.

Technical parameters

szerokość od 200 mm do 2700 mm
grubość od 0,025mm do 0,200 mm
Możliwość wykonania perforacji igiełkowej i otworowej.

Haylage hoods

The haylage production process takes place under anaerobic conditions and the main task of the hood is isolation of grass from the air. White polyethylene hoods that we produce contain, amongst other things, a UV stabilizer, which allows for effective isolation, even up to 18 months.

Standard hoods with the dimensions of 1300 /400/ x 3000 x 0.08 mm are intended for making haylage with an appropriately prepared bale of plant material with a diameter of 1.2 m.

Following the guidelines below allows for obtaining very high quality haylage:

  • baling should be performed after plants have dried and achieved the dry mass content of approx. 40% (1-2 days of drying, depending on the insolation),
  • for bale pressing, high pressing machines should be used, preferably with a system cutting the input material (this guarantees good pressing with a small amount of air),
  • bales should be put into bags up to two hours after pressing, preferably at the storage location,
  • while closing the bag, one should try to leave as little air as possible inside,
    bales should be stored on a flat surface,
  • if minor mechanical damage occurs (hood perforation), it should be sealed with adhesive tape.

Technical parameters

szerokość 2100 mm,
długość 3000 mm,
dodatkowo filtr UV gwarantujący wytrzymałość folii do 18 m-cy.

Bags, sleeves and tapes for packing peat, bark, soil and other loose products.

Depending on your needs and the required application, packagings are manufactured in the form of bags and are made of LDPE or MDPE polyethylene with colourants and additives modifying the physical properties of the film.

Apart from finished products such as bags, we also produce tapes and sleeves for packing machines. Film for such packagings is made using the three- or five-layer technology, and the finished product can be provided only in the form of laminate.

All our products can be protected against UV radiation and also block its access inside the packaging.

The extended machinery stock allows us to print both simple and photographic 8-colour patterns.

Technical parameters

Rękaw z zakładkami
Szerokość: od 150mm do 1000mm
grubość od 0,025mm do 0,17mm
Szerokość do 1000 mm.
Grubość od 0,025 do 0,170 mm
Nadruk fleksograficzny
do 8 kolorów
Możliwość wykonania perforacji igiełkowej.