1. Embossing:

    – Multi-layer PE films

    – Foils with additives such as UV / UV absorber, Antiflame, Antifog, VCI 


    – MDO:

    MDO (MACHINE DIRECTION ORIENTATION) is a process involving uniaxial stretching of the extruded film in the machine direction. This action organizes the polymer chains, giving the film properties unattainable for non-oriented films:

    • greater stiffness,
    • greater transparency,
    • greater durability,
    • lower permeability of water vapor and gases,
    • greater susceptibility to deep drawing.

    Due to their properties, MDO films allow the use of much thinner thicknesses than before, which in turn results in less material consumption and savings for our customers.

    MDO films are used in mono-structures of PE/PE laminates, replacing the used component PET/PE films

    – Stretch Hood sleeves and hoods

    – Biodegradable and recyclable films

  1. Printing:

    – Preparation of a graphic design

    – Large-format prints on SH foils and heat-shrinkable hoods

    – Printing in 8 colors

    – Full range of reports

    – Print refinement – varnishes, metallic paints

    – Print in register (setter)

    – Print in line ruling up to 175 LPI

  1. Ready products:

    – bags, hoods, dividers – confection in pieces and on rolls with tear-off perforation,

    – Y hoods,

    – bags and inserts for boxes with tear-off perforation and blocked,

    – scrolling,

    – possibility of making hole perforation, microperforation, easy open perforation,

    wicket bags

    Manufactured both as scan pack and twister types with the possibility of high-quality printing up to 8 colors. A full range of perforations and cuts for venting and opening. The possibility of both strengthening and heating the handle in order to reduce the weight of the final product.

  1. Lamination

    – Modern laminator

    – Laminates of PE, BOPP, CPP, BOPET, OPA and others.

    – Comprehensive service of the process.

    – Production according to BRC standards